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Harness the power of manufacturing analytics with MARS. Guarantee product quality, enhance performance and yield, minimize costs,

and optimize supply chains. Your all in one SCADA solution!

Unlimited Possibilities

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Have complex alarming systems, and get notifications instantly.

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Have data displayed in trending graphs for allowing better comprehension of your processs .

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Monitor your production, oversee recipe management, perform OEE calculations, and much more.

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Email & Text

Keep your team in the loop with email and text notifications driven from variables within your process.

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Effortlessly generate and distribute

industrial reports powered by a database, export to pdf and much more.

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Trusted IT Standards

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Support & Training

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Universal Platform

SQL, Visual Basics, INGEAR PLC Drivers

Online support via email, text & calling. Online and In person training.

Trending, Reporting, Alarming, Recipes and more capabilities all on one easy to use screen

Monitoring - Alarming - Reporting - Software

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MARS View - User Interface designed for displaying and interaction with collected data. 

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MARS I/O Server - Communicates between PLC's to Database servers.

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Blue icon: that shows coding symbol within computer window
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MARS Notification App - Sends emails and texts to notify specific personal of any abnormal conditions.

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Monitor and Analyze Health

Effortlessly pinpoint the bottlenecks and failure points responsible for the most downtime.

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Take Action When it Counts

Tailored notifications ensure the right individual takes swift, timely action

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Connect to any Machine

Establish connections, gather, and visually represent data from any machinery or equipment located on the shop floor.

Orange bell icon: Notification symbol in bright orange.

Alarm Analysis

Mars gives you the chance to examine alarm & warnings providing a consolidated summary of alarms across your shop floor.

Orange icon: Hand holding a gear, with a hand inside the gear holding a wrench


Prevent Maintenance

Mars can enhance your preventative analytics with high-frequency machine data so you can diagnose, predict, and prevent a range of failures in your equipment.

Orange icon: clock with arrow pointing down: Symbol indicating a countdown or time decrease

 Reduce Downtime

Mars monitors downtime interruptions which can enable you to identify causes behind process interruptions.

“Looking to upgrade our control package for a recently acquired Heat Treating machine, we turned to True Logic Group, and they truly delivered. Their team crafted a top-notch control panel using the finest materials and impeccable design. Working with their engineers was a breeze; they not only listened to our needs but also provided valuable suggestions to enhance our ideas. Their custom HMI/SCADA system, MARS, strikes the perfect balance between power and ease of use. True Logic Group completed the project swiftly and within budget.”

Dave Palkon

Director of Engineering

South Holland Metal Finishing

  • What does MARS connect to?
    MARS connects to any SQL database and also PLC's. We implement direct driver communications specifically made for Siemens, Rockwell and Modbus compatibility. Compared to the widely used alternative OPC servers. Our Direct Driver communications allows for faster transfer of your data and eliminates the need for third party licensed software.
  • What devices can MARS run on?
    Mars is cross-platform compatible but not limited to Windows 7, 10 and 11, and Windows Server 2014, 2016, 2019 and 2022.
  • What is MARS?
    MARS software serves as a comprehensive global industrial application platform, enabling seamless data integration and the development and implementation of diverse industrial applications across your organization, without constraints. It comprises the MARS platform and its versatile modules, which empower the creation of a wide range of industrial applications, including but not limited to Alarming, Reports, Scheduling, Trends, Quality Tracking, and the list goes on.
  • What modules is MARS made up of?
    Mars consists of three distinct modules. The initial module, Mars I/O, facilitates data transfer and communication between PLCs, databases, and other Mars Modules. The second module, Mars View, serves as your all-encompassing interface, allowing you to control processes, analyze data through trend graphs, control/edit recipes and much more! Mars Notifications is the third module, designed to dispatch critical alarms and warnings to your team members, ensuring you and your team stay informed no matter where you are.
  • How is MARS Deployed?
    Our Mars software offers versatile installation options tailored to your specific requirements and licensing needs. The installation process typically takes around 30 minutes to complete. Once installed, your software operates locally on your computer, resulting in faster communication, the elimination of runtime errors, and the prevention of data loss - all of which are critical for seamless operation, whether you're a small single-system client or a large enterprise, everything can be tailored to fit your needs.
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